What I Learned in France: in 250 words

What I Learned in France: in 250 words (10 down)

A ruined phone taught me to walk through the crowds; looking out—but more importantly looking up—in France, they are looking up too (unless in the Verdon).

IMG_1655 3

A popped tire taught me to be patient, and angry. Okay with imperfection because if patience is a virtue what does that make anger?


A storm taught me to have fun, loosen my grip. All things will dry out on a sunny day—control what you can and find meaning in what you cannot.


A partnership taught me to be grateful, while humble. We live for ourselves—but laughing isn’t the same alone. Being afraid isn’t the same alone.


Climbing taught me to be curious, again. Calm while anxious (never equal) above protection. I started to ask myself, what if we can live beyond the illusion of balance?

IMG_1782 3

(148 words)

To sum it up: Bonjour sounds better in your head when you imagine someone else saying it—what else could be said for that feeling? Disassociated from the reality of work, life, the illusion of balance—the time is now to put yourself in your own (climbing) shoes and move. Feel the limestone, granite, and (visualize) snow. Ride the gondolas and be a tourist—you will stand proudly at the top of many castles. There is something to be said for walking down the street with a baguette in hand. There is something to be said for dreaming big while living free.



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